About Muchas Donas

I’m a Bostonian turned Brooklynite who, after 15 years in New York, has moved to Felipe Carrillo Puerto, a small city in southeast Mexico. I’m 1) learning what what it means to trade Brooklyn for the Maya jungle 2) helping out at a nonprofit language school 3) learning Spanish in order to eat and 4) blogging about it here at MuchasDonas.

So far I’m finding that trial and error reveal some of the most important distinctions. For example, it turns out that “Doña” (a term of respect for an older woman) is NOT the same as “dona,” which means donut. Such lessons are a bit embarrassing but ultimately incredibly useful. Because as it turns out, the donuts here are spectacular.

Over the next year, I expect to make a lot of mistakes and eat muchas donas. Beyond that, anything goes.


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