Short post today.

In case you’re not paying attention to the news in Mexico, here are some English summaries with backstory of what’s going on in the country today (like today today, not what’s going on in general):

I’m far from where most of the protests are planned though the strike is technically nationwide. Nothing seems terribly out of the ordinary here, just a bit quiet.

Mostly I’m thinking about the 43 student teachers that are the subject of today’s protests, and more specifically what would have happened in the States if, allegedly (because the facts are of course in dispute) 43 student teachers protested on a September day, were then rounded up by the police, handed off to gang members and then violently murdered.

I’m thinking about the families of those student teachers, and noting that there is no mention of today’s protests on the front of the NY Times and that the only reference to Mexico on the front of the World section is the recurring spot for 36 hours in Tulum.

But if you dig a little, it’s there leading The Americas section:

The story has been covered recently in other major publications (I believe it made the front page of the Washington Post) so I know the U.S. press isn’t avoiding the issue. And what I want to express primarily is not a condemnation of American media, but simply sadness and anger, and solidarity with the families. And to share that that’s where my head is today.


4 thoughts on “Solidarity

  1. Sadly I am now cynical enough to believe that if a dog had been featured in the story of the student teachers, it would have gotten better coverage on networks. But then the US does have conflicting commitments to education – if we’re talking about students, then rhetorically it is more important than “anything”; however, teachers do not get our full support as a society and too frequently are conflated with the growing anti-union sentiment. These people were simply trying to make their world significantly better, they should be supported.


  2. Yes, I understand the lack of coverage; people often only really react to what directly affects them and/or their constituents (ongoing sigh…). Among the many horrifying parts of the story, I agree the whole teacher part REALLY gets me. These were student teachers. not thugs. Crazy.


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