art imitating life (imitating art…)

CarrilloNewYorkI couldn’t quite believe it when I saw it, this mural bridging the gap between Carrillo and New York. My life on a wall.

The large building on the left is the church in the center of town and next to it, the Casa de Cultura (which recently had its budget cut so there’s not much cultura). On the right, you get it.

Here’s the rest of the picture, which is more unsettling.CarrilloNewYork1There’s the ancient Maya calendar with a face looming out of it, breathing powerful vapors at man in the white shirt who seems to be pleading for strength. Figures stumble blindly out of the Casa presumably drawn toward a world where they’ll forget their culture and their roots, New York representing the ultimate temptation.

I’m open to alternative artistic interpretations. But part of me just wants to paint myself into the picture, stumbling in the opposite direction.


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